Robyn Black, Advisor

Robyn began her career in politics in 1992 when she worked for Congressman Bill Thomas and now Congressman Kevin McCarthy in his reelection effort. A former senior official with the Wilson Administration, Robyn served as the Deputy Director of Management/Labor Affairs for the State Department of Industrial Relations, and was also Chair of the California Industrial Welfare Commission, which promulgates California’s wage and hour rules.

She has served as Director of Agriculture for the Assembly Speaker, Senior Consultant to the Assembly Agriculture Committee, and the Consultant to the Assembly Rural Caucus. Robyn, a fourth generation family farmer, was State President of California Women for Agriculture, Vice Chair of the California Agricultural Network, and is a board member of the California Farm Water Coalition. She chaired a task force on Farm Worker Housing for Assemblymember Denise Moreno Ducheny which led to the passage of significant legislation addressing the shortage of farm labor housing.

Prior to joining Platinum Advisors, Robyn worked with one of Sacramento’s premier lobbying firms for 11 years where she represented energy clients, business clients, developers, auto dealers, liquor manufacturers, utilities, and local governments.

Robyn is also working on a national effort to fight childhood obesity lead by celebrity Chef Guy Fieri. “Cook with Your Kids Day” began with SCR 94 in 2008 and SJR 5 in 2011. The effort continues today with the CWK foundation for which Robyn serves as a board member.

She has received awards and recognition for both her community service and her service to state and local governments. A highly respected advocate, she has successfully managed political campaigns and is an astute participant in the workings of state government.