Budget Advocacy  

The state’s record-setting budget battles and declining revenues mean that local governments must be diligent year-round to preserve their position in the distribution of funds. Education, infrastructure repair, homeland security, social services and countless state-mandated programs must be funded. The competition for funding gets tougher every year. Platinum Advisors provides in-depth analysis and consulting to a wide variety of local government entities and plays a critical role in keeping them positioned to meet the needs of their communities, protects them from state raids on local funds, and advocates for stable and predictable revenue sources.

In these difficult budget times, our legislative work can also help save our public sector clients’ money. Sometimes those efforts are in the form of direct dollars, and sometimes we are able to improve government efficacy – saving both time and money. For instance, on behalf of one of our clients, we defeated a bill that would have added a new layer of bureaucracy and directly cost our client $750,000 in general fund revenue. In another case, our client sponsored legislation that specifically waived more than a million dollars in fines and penalties that the state was improperly trying to collect, ultimately achieving the desired result of the legislation being signed into law.