San Francisco

Darius Anderson

Widely recognized as one of California’s most effective political strategists with a track record of advising high-ranking political and business leaders, Darius Anderson is the Founder and CEO of Platinum Advisors. Darius has a widely diverse background in business development, government affairs, community relations, charitable activities, and more; plus, he has been the Founder of multiple businesses, including Kenwood Investments and Sonoma Media Investments.

Martha Miller

With over a decade of experience lobbying, Martha excels in her role as both a strategist and lobbying advocate for everything from Fortune 500 companies to clients at the local, state, and federal level. With an extensive background in the corporate retail world, her experience covers health care, tax, labor, product safety, privacy, supply chain, transportation, and government affairs. Her ability to adapt and learn quickly, educate, influence, and develop partnerships across a broad spectrum of external stakeholders is second to none.

Marisol Lopez

With an incredibly diverse background that includes politics, Marisol is highly versed in strategic planning and consulting for businesses in both the public and private sector, as well as lobbying for local government policies. Her work spans a wide range: business development for international companies, grassroots coalitions, community organization, all the way down to foundational measures like project management and company staffing.

Jay Wallace

Jay has been involved with Platinum Advisors since its founding nearly 20 years ago. Jay primarily represents Bay Area small, medium, and large businesses, real estate developers, general and subcontracting firms, engineering firms, and entrepreneurs throughout the Bay Area on a variety of matters involving local government relations, procurement, and legislative matters. During his tenure with Platinum, Jay has successfully created and implemented strategies for passing ordinances and legislation at all levels of government, raising client awareness among political and community leaders, and expanding business opportunities for his clients.

Jordan Cates

Jordan is an integral part of the Platinum Advisors San Francisco team, spending her day-to-day supporting the office on a broad range of projects. She is a legislative aide to the San Francisco team, providing dynamic support in a variety of Bay Area industries including transportation, information technology, healthcare, real estate development, local government relations, and procurement. She also manages the office operations and provides assistance to Platinum’s event coordinating team. She studied Informatics and Human Biology at Indiana University.

Sam Delucchi

Samantha Delucchi is an account executive for Platinum Advisors’ San Francisco. Prior to joining the Platinum team, Samantha worked at a political consulting and strategy firm in San Francisco where she worked for an array of clients and campaigns on issues like public transportation expansion and affordable housing. At Platinum, Samantha specializes in client management and oversees our local legislative unit. Samantha graduated from the University of Portland, Oregon with degrees in Political Science and Spanish and an emphasis on Environmental Policy.